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Whether it be the latest in software or the latest in communications equipment, Cram Roofing's philosophy has always been to keep current with innovative technology and tools that can affect the roofing industry and our customers.

  • The EDGE Estimating Software
    The EDGE estimating software combines a history of production rates for various tasks, along with accurate material calculations to provide the most detailed and precise estimate possible. The system enables our estimators to make subtle design changes to provide the best alternative for the building owner. We utilize digital plotters and PlanGrid to ensure real-time communication and full compliance with project plans and specifications.

  • StarBuilder Project Software
    StarBuilder is a fully integrated software solution developed specifically for the construction industry. StarBuilder easily handles multiple users and enables comprehensive job cost reporting to efficiently manage jobs. Understanding and efficiently managing job costs enables us to be more competitive on a consistent basis.

  • SureTrak Scheduling System
    SureTrak is a state-of-the-art, critical path scheduling software system. Scheduling a project through SureTrak provides seamless, real time communication from the office to the project superintendent. Most importantly, SureTrak helps us keep our customers informed on job progress and future scheduling.

  • Infrared Imaging
    Infrared cameras produce thermal images to gather non-destructive information about a roofing system. In a roofing application, the infrared scan is generally conducted just after sunset when the roof is beginning to cool for the night. As the roof cools, any areas that are retaining heat appear as "hot spots" where the roof insulation is wet. The use of infrared imaging can be a very effective way to repair only the area of roof that has failed if the remainder of the roof is still performing well.

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